About us

Welcome to factbun, A place where you find travel and finance at a single time

What We Do For You At Factbun!

People At factbun are travel enthusiasts and they are also financing geeks so we can say that at factbun people are experts in balancing travel and finance in a great way and that’s what we bring to you.

So with years of experience in travel and personal finance under our belt, we are the ones to guide you to your dream destination with a journey covered with not miles but finance.

How Factbun Started


Factbun started as a community for all the travel freaks and finance experts because we are up to finding the work-life balance while traveling.

And then in 2020, we thought why we wouldn’t share our experience with the people out there and help them meet financial independence and this too while exploring the different corners of the world.

And we are here to help you in this journey, not as your close friend but as a great companion.

Why Factbun Is Unique

Factbun is unique in its very own way because here we share what we experience in life.

We don’t talk about personal finance while sitting on a fancy chair we do things make mistakes and tell you about them so that you don’t make them in the future and the same goes with travel.

In travel, we share what we feel, Experiences, Journey, destinations by doing them in life and then bring the information to you real and raw.

Our Initiative

Keeping it simple! Our initiative is to make people financially free and live the life of their dreams and when it comes to living travel is the first thing that will come up in everyone’s mind.

And here comes the 2nd step of our initiative: to guide people to travel and see how beautiful this planet we are living on.

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