Facts About Quiet People | 13 Shocking Facts you didn’t know

We all once in our lifetime met with people who talk less and stay quiet but have you ever tried to find out why they stay quiet. If you want to know some amazing and shocking facts about quiet people, then my friend, you landed on the right page. 

In this blog post, we will tell you 13 shocking facts about quiet people that you have never imagined, and we are going to bust myths about them.

13 shocking facts about quiet people that will change your thinking about them

  • Quiet people think deeply. 

Facts about quiet people


Quiet people seem mysterious, but they are deep thinkers; they always think before speaking because they always wanted to say something meaningful to the ongoing conversation.

So here’s a bonus tip don’t be surprised if one of your quiet friends stops you in the middle of a conversation to say something.

  • Being quiet doesn’t mean being shy.

Quiet doesn't mean shy

Most of us think that if someone doesn’t speak much, they are shy, but let me clarify that being quiet doesn’t mean shy.

Shyness is when you feel awkward and worried in front of unfamiliar people.

  • Quiet people can be loud.

Facts about quiet people

Quiet people can be loud when surrounded by the people they care about and when they are happy and relaxed.

Also, if you are talking about something they are passionate about, then maybe it would be hard for you to stop them.

  • More creative during their time and they have interesting hobbies.

Quiet people are more creative
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According to researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Creative people are both introverted and extroverted. It all depends on the situation.

Quiet people love spending time with themselves, which helps them think more and create things they are passionate about.

They also have interesting hobbies which make them different from others, like listening to podcasts, making art, cooking, and many more.

  • Quiet people are great observers.

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If you are leading a team in your company and want an honest review of how you are doing as a leader, ask a quiet person because a quiet person observes what everyone doesn’t.

Quiet people are natural and powerful observers, and being a good listener benefits them to add valuable things to the conversation.

  • Quiet people avoid gossips because they think its a waste of time.

Gossiping GIFs
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They think that gossiping is not their cup of tea because they don’t want to waste their time talking about some irrelevant thing that doesn’t add value to their life.

So if you want someone to share your secrets with, find a quiet person it is because they will not spill your secrets for the sake of enjoyment.

  • Being quiet doesn’t mean being anti-social.

Anti soicial logo
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Some people misunderstood that being quiet and talk less often are anti-social, but that’s not the home truth. 

Quiet people love socializing but differently than others. They want to hang out with smaller groups to have meaningful conversations. 

  • Quiet people are curious and natural learners.

Curious GIF
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Quiet people are natural learners because of the curiosity they have towards new things. And that is the reason they have much more knowledge than others.

  • Not into drawing attention to themselves

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Quiet people don’t like unwanted attention to be given to them because if they get too much attention, they don’t feel like themselves, and it too makes them uncomfortable around people.

 So the next time you meet someone less likely to be talkative, don’t try to give too much attention to them.

  • Spend more alone time than others

Alone Time GIFs
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Quiet people spend more time alone because they get energized by the ideas and thoughts, which is why they love spending time alone to feel this way.

  • They don’t have too many friends.

Quiet people do not have many friends. Instead, they value their few close friends and love spending time with them.

  • Having a soft spot for other creatures on the planet

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People are not likely to go out and talk much, and they love spending time with their pets and animals because this feeds their gentle soul.

  • They are good leaders.

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Quiet people are good observers and good listeners, and that’s the bonus ability to become a good leader.

So these are the 13 facts about quiet people which you may know now.

So now, let’s talk about the perks of being quiet.

  1. Being quiet makes you say less stupid things.
  2. People think of you as a good listener.
  3. Sneaking out of situations you don’t want to be in
  4. People are blasted away when you say something sassy.
  5. Everyone takes things seriously you say and think of you as a genius.

What do you think of having these perks if you are one of the quiet people?

Have you heard of the book called Quiet: The power of introverts by Susan Cain? If you haven’t watched this TED talk by Susan Cain herself, watch it here

 Final Words

There are many misconceptions about quiet people out there, and I hope I was able to clear all of them; and also, now you know these amazing facts about them, they will help you whenever you are around quiet people. So if you liked these facts, make sure you tell us about your experience with quiet people.

Thank you for reading!

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